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  1. That Little Voice
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That Little Voice

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Brand New Song! Joe is doing all the work on this track. All instruments and production "Hand made". :)


Joe Hand © Aug 2014 McHand Publishing, BMI

It whispers softly It’s speaking louder
into my soul as I get old
a voice of more
It’s a voice of reason
I might have even heard the same words spoken before

A match in a forest
spark for my fire
but most of the time
That little voice is a liar

It’s a near occasion
of greatest sin
was my companion all the places I’ve been
“if you pull that handle you just may win”
it’s even got me thinking I can have you again

maybe I can take you
just a little a bit higher
but Most of the time
that little voice is a liar

It’s not too patient It’s not too kind
It’s always sensible and easy I find
It’s the clearest water
head of the stream
it drives a man to chase his heart and his dreams

It’s saying, “trust me ...you won’t go wrong”
It’s saying “trust me ....this won’t take long”
It’s saying “trust me ...just let me lead"
But all too often that voice causes me to bleed...

A match in a forest such is my desire
But Most of the time...
A spark in a furnace always leads me into fire
and Most of the time... that little voice is a liar